Rotor Shop

Rotor Shop

Turbine Field Rotor repair and rebuilding including retaining ring inspections, rotor field cleaning, testing, rewind and recondition. In-plant service for turbine rotors including RSO testing, insulation resistance testing, impedance testing and shutdown work.

Rotating Fields for Hydro Generators. Inspection, repair, rewind and re-insulation for edge-wound coils in hydro applications.

Synchronous Rotor repair and rebuilding including rewind and reconditioning for rotating DC fields, amortisseur cage bars and shorting rings.

Wound Rotor Motor repairs including core testing, lamination restack, rotor rewind and slip ring repair and reconditioning.

Squirrel Cage Rotor engineered solutions for industrial applications including hi-torque redesigns and aluminum-to- copper rotor cage retrofits. Shaft manufacturing and repair including 2-Pole boiler feed pump rotors, FD fan rotors and ID fan rotors. New core iron and lamination restacking for stator cores, armatures and rotors.

  • Turbine Field Rotors
  • Rotating Fields for Hydro Generators
  • Synchronous Rotors
  • Squirrel Cage Rotor Rebar
  • Shaft manufacturing and repair
  • Armature laminations
  • Double-cage rotors
  • Hi-torque Crane Duty Rotors
  • Crusher Duty Rotors
  • Skewed Slot
  • Stator Core Iron Restacking
  • 3-Year Warranty on Full Rebuilds
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