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Precision Coil and Rotor Purchases Oklahoma Based Industrial Coil, Inc. Precision Coil and Rotor, a division of Jay Industrial Repair, has purchased Oklahoma based Industrial Coil Inc. located at 4305 Beacon Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73179. Industrial Coil, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Paul Kemp, Doug Kemp and Ron Pittman. Industrial Coil is a family-owned and operated electric coil wholesaler. This location will add 12 employees to Precision Coil and Rotor’s workforce. “This location will help us sustain our growth at Precision Coil and Rotor and allow us to serve our partners out west more effectively and efficiently. Our mission to safely provide customers with the highest quality of products and services on time, while continually improving processes is aligned with their mission. Not only our mission, but our vision and core values and the fact we are a family-owned business serving industrial clients to keep the economy going.” said Joel McMahon, Owner/CEO Jay Industrial Repair and Precision Coil and Rotor. Precision Coil and Rotor manufactures electric motor, stator, generator, DC field, armature and rotor coils. Our experienced and highly qualified technicians use the latest equipment and techniques to manufacture our products. Precision Coil and Rotor is a U.S. industrial service company dedicated to manufacturing and rebuilding of component products for rotating electrical machines up to 13.8 kv. Their core business is formed coil manufacturing and associated services for AC and DC electric motors and generators.